HOT MIC: Supreme Court Rules on Trump Travel Ban, Religious Liberty

HOT MIC: Supreme Court Rules on Trump Travel Ban, Religious Liberty

American arts have gone gaga over their opposition to Donald Trump. How many negative references to Trump have you seen on TV? The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu is an ill-disguised portrayal of what liberals believe America could become under Trump.

Then there was the ghastly staging of Julius Caesar with the gory assassination scene killing off a Trump lookalike.

The next entry in the "This is happening in America now" artistic sweepstakes is a play based on Orwell's 1984.  The play is apparently a bloody, noisy, gory mess. But we are reminded at the end of this Washington Post story what the play is really about:

The play’s timing proved impeccable, opening to the world just months after Orwell’s politically charged novel became the best-selling book on in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president. Many pointed to parallels between the novel’s plot and the current political climate.

The play was first staged in internationally in 2013, but until the election, talk of it reaching Broadway was just that: talk.

“I think the feeling was, we have to do it now,” Macmillan told the New York Times. “If we don’t, we’ll miss our chance.”

“1984” isn’t the first play to recently become part of the national conversation thanks to its shocking content.

Earlier this month, a New York production of “Julius Caesar,” starring Trump look-alike Gregg Henry in the titular role, sparked national debate. In the play, Caesar is assassinated by his fellow statesmen. Given this Caesar’s likeness to the president of the United States, many found the production in poor taste.

What "parallels" are there between what's happening in the novel 1984 and the "current political climate"? That kind of crap just rolls off the tongues of liberals as if it represents reality.

In fact, everyone knows the "political climate" that closely matches 1984 would have occurred if Hillary Clinton -- a lifelong advocate of gargantuan government -- had been elected president and not Donald Trump.