HOT MIC: Supreme Court Rules on Trump Travel Ban, Religious Liberty

HOT MIC: Supreme Court Rules on Trump Travel Ban, Religious Liberty

Trump administration sources are beginning to unload on the Obama holdovers and former administration officials who have been damaging national security operations by leaking like sieves to friendly media outlets. Featured prominently in this, naturally, is Obama's former national security adviser and failed novelist Ben Rhodes.

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

The leaks have been traced to a number of former Obama administration officials, including Ben Rhodes—the former National Security Council official responsible for creating an in-house ‘echo chamber' meant to mislead reporters and the public about the landmark nuclear deal with Iran—and Colin Kahl, former Vice President Joe Biden's national security adviser.

Another source, this one a senior administration official who is also intimately familiar with the situation, confirmed the assessment to the Washington Free Beacon.

"Those responsible for the disastrous foreign national security policy of the Obama administration for the last years—Ben Rhodes, Colin Kahl—they provide the marching orders to a broader group of people that are associated with the broader [Democratic Party] Podesta-Clinton network, and now they're trying to rewrite history at the cost of American national security," the official said.

"For the last eight years, the priority was always the narrative … It was never the American interests, it was the interests of the Democratic Party and the Obama-Podesta-Clinton conglomerate," explained the source.

The leak to the Washington Post that revealed details about a secret Israeli cyber operation was particularly damaging.

The recent disclosure in the press of Israeli operations targeting ISIS terrorists prompted a wave of anger from top Israeli officials blaming the leakers for creating an intelligence catastrophe for the Jewish state.

"Think about how this is playing in Israel," explained one veteran Middle East analyst who has discussed the Israeli concerns with senior White House officials. "For eight years Obama officials tried to undermine US-Israel ties, and the Israelis kept sharing sensitive intelligence with them anyway."

"Now these same Obama officials are trying to prevent Trump from rebuilding the relationship, and they're doing it by leaking the sensitive intelligence the Israelis shared—and devastating Israeli security in the process," the source said.

Obvious question:  Why haven't the Obama holdovers responsible for some of these leaks been fired yet?