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While we're all wondering what possibly could have motivated the Pulse nightclub shooter a year ago, here's my suggestion:


Apprentice diplomacy?

"See you Thursday," a member of Rodman's entourage told reporters.

President Trump had this to say about Rodman and the Norks back in 2014:

This pretty accurately sums up my feelings about the former NBA star cavorting with the brutal dictator:

Debra, it's interesting what has just disappeared from the Public Theater's About page:

That's right: their list of sponsors.

New York City’s Shakespeare in the Park is facing somewhat of a backlash over its sick rendition of Julius Caesar featuring a very Trump-like lead getting stabbed to death.

Delta Airlines and Bank of America have pulled corporate sponsorship from the play and now the National Endowment for the Arts has publicly backed away from it. On Monday the NEA made the following statement:

The National Endowment for the Arts makes grants to nonprofit organizations for specific projects. In the past, the New York Shakespeare Festival has received project-based NEA grants to support performances of Shakespeare in the Park by the Public Theater. However, no NEA funds have been awarded to support this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar and there are no NEA funds supporting the New York State Council on the Arts’ grant to Public Theater or its performances.

Leftists live in a such a bubble that they and all their friends see nothing wrong with a play that depicts the president they hate getting brutally murdered on stage. The performance reportedly received a standing ovation when it debuted.

Sometimes the only way to make them understand that something is not okay is through the power of the pocketbook.


"We may never know his true motive."

Age of Empires is getting a reboot — a "remastered" version.


The sex symbol America needs right now is ... James Comey? No kidding. He's this generation's Mr. Darcy, even. It says so right there in the Daily Beast:

On social media, many Americans confessed to unexpected feelings of lust as they watched Comey declare in his opening remarks that the administration’s defamatory statements about the FBI were “lies”; that the organization is “honest” and “independent” of partisanship, and that it was the “honor of my life to be part of the FBI family.”

You can't make this stuff up. Columnist Lizzy Crocker goes on to explain the appeal of the former G-man:

Sure, he has a somewhat peaked complexion and under-eye bags that look like half-inflated tubular balloons. But he's handsome, and as with all sex symbols--both the unlikely ones and the obvious ones--he embodies certain qualities in society that we all lust after: integrity, emotional complexity, and quiet but certain confidence.

That combined with his imposing physical stature gives him the same alluring masculinity as sex symbols like Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (particularly Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice).

Back in the old days (like, say, 2016), all that dripping masculinity would have triggered a sensitive girl and sent her scurrying to her safe space. No more. Crocker explains that power and stature are key attributes of male sex symbols and even admits that "there’s a long tradition of left-wing politicians being sexually fetishized by fellow liberals." Take Barack Obama, for example:

While Barack Obama was objectively handsome, the women and men who lusted after him did so because of his poise and perceived intrinsic morality, as well as how good he looked in a pair of swimming shorts or a suit.

She lost me at "perceived intrinsic morality" (although maybe the word perceived was a subtle dig at the former president). Of course, the left had no interest in Comey-as-sex-symbol when he was out front dishing on Hillary Clinton in the days before the election; back then he was the wicked, disfigured troll under the bridge in their worst nightmare. But Crocker gets it right on her main points. Women are attracted to men with power, confidence, physical strength, and yes, integrity.

In local news, here's my nominee for Most Colorado Headline of 2017.

Bear joins race through Garden of the Gods.

It has almost everything: Physical fitness, big giant rocks, dangerous wildlife.

Really, the only way it could be more Colorado is if the bear had been smoking a joint.

President Trump remembers the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

It's interesting that Trump did not mention radical Islamic terrorism in the tweet, but there's only so much you can do with 140 characters. Never forget, Omar Mateen pledged his loyalty to ISIS.

America, 2017. Edging ever closer to, well... the edge: