Liveblogging the Wisconsin Primary

Liveblogging the Wisconsin Primary

11:44 p.m.

71 percent reporting:

Cruz -- 49.3 percent (410,702 votes), 33 delegates.

Trump -- 33.8 percent (281,483 votes), 3 delegates.

Kasich -- 14.4 percent (119,734 votes), 0 delegates.

Still to be awarded: 6 delegates.

From FiveThirtyEight's Dave Wasserman:

The final GOP delegate breakdown in Wisconsin looks almost certain to wind up at 36-6 or 39-3 for Cruz over Trump. But it all depends on what happens in the remaining precincts of the 3rd Congressional district, which takes in La Crosse and Eau Claire. Trump leads in most of the 3rd District’s counties, but Cruz leads in Eau Claire by 47 percent to 38 percent with only 18 of 84 precincts reporting.