Liveblogging the New York Presidential Primary

Liveblogging the New York Presidential Primary

11:00 p.m.

It's been a good night for Trump, as I predicted. He won his home state, scoring his first majority of the vote in the primary race so far. This will give him 91 delegates, most likely, but it will not end the fight. When the Donald declared, "Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated," he was engaging in hyperbole.

No, the race is not over. In fact, Cruz knew he would lose tonight, so he wasn't even in New York. Cruz watched the primary results from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he has been wooing delegates. In fact, NBC predicted that the Texas senator would score half of Pennsylvania's delegates, even if he comes in a distant third in that primary next Tuesday. Cruz knows what he's doing, and while he is not the favorite, he may emerge in an open convention.

Trump likely has the momentum, not just tonight, but this coming week as well. The Northeastern states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island vote next Tuesday, and Trump will likely be the favorite in nearly all of those contests. The real question is how many delegates can Cruz and Kasich take from the Donald to keep him as far below the 1,237 number as possible. If Cruz holds Trump down, he may have a real shot in an open convention. It is not entirely numerically impossible for Ted to win outright, but he would need almost every single delegate remaining -- that's not happening.

After tonight, it's Trump or an open convention. But then again, those were the likely outcomes after Wisconsin, too. Get ready for a tense three months on the GOP side. For the Democrats, it looks like Clinton will win -- barring an indictment or a ridiculously impressive late surge from Senator Bernie Sanders. Expect Hillary to start calling for party unity, and get increasingly frustrated as Sanders backers refuse to fall in line. Their battle may be over, but it will still be tense.