Liveblogging the New York Presidential Primary

Liveblogging the New York Presidential Primary

10:32 p.m.

Very important point from Nate Silver:

Because we and everyone else get so laser-focused on the percentages, raw vote counts sometimes get forgotten about. But so far, there have been 1.2 million votes recorded from Democratic voters in New York, as compared with around 450,000 for Republicans. That gap may close some because New York City is over-reported relative to the rest of New York State. Still, while Trump is popular among Republicans in New York, he’s not that popular in the state overall, with Clinton having more than twice as many votes so far.

Numbers on GOP, 66 percent reporting:

Trump -- 59.9 percent (308,803 votes); Kasich -- 25.2 percent (129,871 votes); Cruz -- 15.0 percent (77,242 votes).

Dems, 67 percent reporting:

Clinton -- 58.4 percent (750,636 votes)

Sanders -- 41.6 percent (534,382 votes)

Yes, Sanders has gotten just a bit less than TWICE Trump's votes. The GOP primary has 515,916 votes, while the Democratic Party has more than twice that, at 1,285,018. This is not all that surprising, given the state's liberal track record, but it puts Trump's win in perspective.