LIVEBLOGGING MAIN EVENT: 1st GOP Presidential Debate

LIVEBLOGGING MAIN EVENT: 1st GOP Presidential Debate

Kasich recites highlights of his resume. "The state is unified and people have hope again in Ohio."

Christie tells family's story, and then goes into his resume. I'm sensing a trend here already. "We gotta stop worrying about being loved and start being respected."

Paul says he's a different kind of Republican, who wants our party to be bigger, better and bolder and he's going to places other won't, like the inner cities.

Rubio tells his family story. "I believe that we can't just save the American dream, but we can expand it for more people."

Cruz talks about is first day in the White House: rescind executive illegal orders, investigate Planned Parenthood, cancel Iran deal, move U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Carson says I'm the only one who has removed a half a brain, but if you go to Washington you might think that someone beat me to it.

Huckabee starts off sounding like he's criticizing Trump but deftly turns the joke on Hillary. Hilarious.

Walker: "It wasn't too late for Wisconsin and it's not to late for America."

Bush: "Washington is holding us back." Hits politicians for using policy issues to divide.

Trump: "Our country is in serious trouble. We don't win anymore. We can't do anything right. We have to make our country great again and I will do that."