LIVEBLOGGING MAIN EVENT: 1st GOP Presidential Debate

LIVEBLOGGING MAIN EVENT: 1st GOP Presidential Debate

Facebook questioner wants to know if any of the candidates have a word from God about what they should do..

Cruz says he receives a word from God everyday when he reads his Bible, which says you will know people by their fruits -- the product of their life and work.

Kasich, noting his unlikely personal story as grandson of immigrants, says he believes in miracles. He calls for unity in the country, and says the Lord wants America to succeed as a force for good in the world.

Walker, "I'm an imperfect man and it's only by the blood of Jesus Christ have I been forgiven of my sins." He says he's tried to live his life in a way that would be a testimony to the Lord.

Rubio says God has blessed us with many good candidates, "the Democrats can't even find one." Asked about veterans he speaks passionately about the V.A.