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Exactly right.

Ever heard of Monique Judge? She's a liberal who writes for The Root. Never heard of her, right?

If a Republican had written this, you would most certainly have heard of her. If she had said this about a black Democrat, you would have heard of her. But because she's a black Democrat who tweeted a racist insult toward a black Republican, no harm -- no foul. Her job was never in danger. Heck, her tweet isn't in danger. It hasn't even occurred to her to delete it. Why would she?


Time to buy popcorn, folks -- lots of it:

Greitens likely will be replaced by Missouri Lieutenant Gov. Mike Parson, who grew up on a farm.

During his time in office, Parson, 62, has backed looser gun regulations, has championed tax credits for ethanol and beef producers, and pushed for pro-business legal changes.

“He’s got a good outlook on what the economic development needs (of the state) are,” said Sen. Doug Libla, R-Poplar Bluff. “He’s a highly respected individual.”

Sen. Jacob Hummel, D-St. Louis, served in the House with Parson. Parson now serves as president of the Senate, one of his few official duties as lieutenant governor.

“Aside from ideological differences, he seems like a pretty straightforward guy,” Hummel said.



Our long, state-wide nightmare is over.