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Wednesday's Live Blog

Wednesday's Live Blog

On Monday I wrote a column about changing politics in Ohio, effectively turning the former swing state solid red. It included this bit about the blue collar/culturally conservative voters which national Democrats have largely abandoned:

The last national Democrat I can think of who even knew how to speak the language of this bloc (even if he was disingenuous about it) was Bill Clinton. But Clinton is far too moderate for today's radicalized Dems. Can you imagine the "end welfare as we know it" Clinton of 1992 getting anywhere with next year's primary voters?

It didn't occur to me until hours after I'd published it, that maybe I should have included Joe Biden. It's just that I have what might be a real blind spot when it come to the former Veep. To me he comes across as so insincere, so phony, so unable to fake sincerity, that I just can't take him seriously enough for him to even ping the outer reach of my Serious Candidate Radar.

But on top of that, Biden is so clumsy at the basics of running a major campaign, that maybe I'm right to be so dismissive of him.

What's your take?