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Live Blog

Live Blog

In case you don't know what's going on here...

...Bruce Carroll, aka GayPatriot, conservative policy dude, all around good guy, and a friend of mine...

Twitter suspended his account last week, giving no reason. A bunch of us raised a bit of a stink about it, so Twitter finally gave a non-reason. Management claimed in an email to Bruce, without citing any examples, that he had engaged in "hateful conduct." Whatever that means. Twitter's email also announced that they had permanently banned Bruce's account, and his backup account, and that they "will not be restored."

I think the reason is that Bruce is gay and puts up with no progressive bullshit. And "social" media can't have minorities who stray from the lefty plantation -- certainly not with an election in just a few weeks from now.

I don't usually ask for retweets -- I just throw stuff up against the wall and whatever sticks, sticks.

But if you're on Twitter, please RT this and maybe there's some small chance of getting Bruce's account reinstated. He's a good man to have in a fight, and Twitter, unfortunately, is one of our battlegrounds.