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Good Monday morning.

Here is what's on the president's agenda today:

  • The president and first lady travel to Florida and Georgia.

Trump on "60 Minutes"

President Trump appeared on "60 Minutes" last night. If you want to watch the videos you can head over to YouTube, or you can visit the "60 Minutes" website. Here's a transcript.

Politico describes:

President Donald Trump defied climate scientists, intelligence specialists and even his own defense secretary on Sunday evening, capping a week of freewheeling press engagements with a sprawling primetime network television interview in which he portrayed himself as an isolated but eminently empowered commander in chief.

Trump was all over the place in the interview, so I recommend you just watch it or read the transcript. It's worth watching.


Trump: 'I don't trust everybody in the White House'

Clintons going on tour, will promote message of incivility, sexual harassment excuses

These two are the gift that keeps on giving. Hillary and Bill are going on tour for the midterm elections. I think this will hurt the Democrats more than help, especially since they are peddling a message of incivility. Voters don't like street violence or civil unrest, so if they are going around to preach a message of violent discord and chaos I say good luck with that.

I'm guessing that the Democrat Party doesn't have any control over Clinton, Inc. There is just no good reason for these two to showcase themselves after Hillary lost the presidency.

Hillary made an appearance on "CBS This Morning" and wants you to know that Bill should not have resigned over his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton said she didn't think her husband's affair with Lewinsky, which began in 1995 when Lewinsky was a 22-year-old White House intern, was an abuse of power, arguing that Lewinsky was an adult at the time.

Clinton was asked if, in retrospect, her husband should have resigned in the wake of the scandal, to which Clinton replied, "absolutely not."

Right. Not an abuse of power. Will Hillary's logic fly in the face of the #metoo movement? We will see if anyone calls her out. You can watch that interview here.

Some important stories:

Fusion GPS Founder ‘In Real Legal Jeopardy’ Over Inconsistent Testimony, GOP Lawmaker Says

Rep. Jim Jordan on threat to subpoena Rod Rosenstein; Rep. Ratcliffe on seeking answers from Fusion GPS

Portland’s Mayor Defends Police Non-Response To Antifa’s Anarchy

Saudi Arabia vows to retaliate if Trump follows through on 'severe punishment' threat over Khashoggi

German Press Reveals Saudi Spook Saga Behind Khashoggi Disappearance

Historical picture of the day:

Following a large air raid by German bombers, local people, coming out of their air raid shelters found a bus standing on end in a large crater, in Balham, London, Oct. 15, 1940. (AP Photo/Staff/Worth)

Other morsels:

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry announce pregnancy

Very sad. Sears files for Chapter 11 amid plunging sales, massive debt

Sounds familiar. Honduran migrant group grows, heading for United States

This is so crazy. Woman fired after blocking black man from entering his apartment building

Doritos lure runaway pig 'the size of a mini horse' home

White male 'gun nuts' are 'biggest terrorist organization on the planet,' Tennessee Dem ally wrote online: report

Chinese ambassador to US says Beijing doesn't know who to deal with

Donna Brazile: Kanye ‘repeated bad stereotypes about black people’ in White House visit

Stacey Abrams: Voter ID law meant to ‘scare people out of voting’

Biological Male Wins World Championship In Women’s Cycling

Cipollone to replace McGahn as top White House lawyer

Alabama grocery store refuses to sell Pepsi products with NFL logo

NBC issues correction after Trump’s Robert E. Lee comment

Bodies of 11 Infants Found in Ceiling of Former Funeral Home

NYPD Accused of Protecting Pro-Trump Street Gang Who Beat People While Screaming Anti-Gay Slurs

This guy is a real disappointment Sasse says the digital revolution is "undermining" Americans' sense of local community

Statue of Revolutionary War general vandalized with "googly eyes"

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin goes full Rambo, throws grenades in new Twitter video

Burger King Crowned Fastest Drive-Thru Chain in America'

She claimed a 9-year-old boy groped her. Then she apologized.

Voting access becomes flashpoint in midterms just weeks away from Election Day

Cool story. Trump just met with a classic-rock legend and a missile-defense expert — and it was the same guy

The most popular Halloween candy in every US state

Teacher says Cruz posed as student months before shooting

And that's all I've got, now go beat back the angry mob!

JUST IN: A federal judge has dismissed Stormy Daniels' defamation suit against President Trump, ordering the porn star to pay the president's legal fees.

Daniels sued Trump over a tweet she alleged constituted defamation.

U.S. District Judge S. James Otero hinted last month that he would dismiss the case, saying that the tweet was mere "rhetorical hyperbole" rather than defamation.

Daniels has another lawsuit pending against Trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen over a 2016 nondisclosure agreement.

Hardest hit: Stormy's lawyer— and wannabe presidential candidate— Michael Avenatti.

Whew. Will used to work on the program, so he knows some of those Raptors personally.

Erick Erickson writes at The Maven:

The political left is quite upset now that the Senate is deeply unrepresentative of the mob. Our founders chose the House of Representatives to be that house of Congress that represents the people. But the Senate represents the states. Under our constitution and history, the states matter. They are not semi-autonomous subdivisions of Washington, but are actually sovereign states with powers not replicated in Washington. And they also cannot lose their Senate representation.

The only portion of the entire United States Constitution that cannot be amended is the portion related to the make up of the Senate. Each state gets two senators and no amendment to the constitution can affect that representation unless the state losing its senators agrees.

So if the left is truly, genuinely upset about this they can either push for some sort of revolution, which will undoubtedly turn violent, or they can embrace federalism.

For what it's worth, I don't think the impulse for revolution is strictly coming from the left. I had a very heated discussion with a libertarian-leaning candidate for office (he's now a member of the Ohio legislation) who said the Constitution is dead and the only way to save the Republic (probably) is to take to the streets. I strenuously disagreed, as most sane people would, but there is no doubt that some of those who claim to be on our side hold that view.

But Erick is right that federalism is where this needs to go. Let California and New York continue to dig their graves while the free states continue to prosper. Of course, for that to succeed we'd need to take away a lot of the power the feds have to force states to comply with their mandates, particularly when it comes to education, the environment, and anything that remotely touches on so-called social justice.

In case you don't know what's going on here...

...Bruce Carroll, aka GayPatriot, conservative policy dude, all around good guy, and a friend of mine...

Twitter suspended his account last week, giving no reason. A bunch of us raised a bit of a stink about it, so Twitter finally gave a non-reason. Management claimed in an email to Bruce, without citing any examples, that he had engaged in "hateful conduct." Whatever that means. Twitter's email also announced that they had permanently banned Bruce's account, and his backup account, and that they "will not be restored."

I think the reason is that Bruce is gay and puts up with no progressive bullshit. And "social" media can't have minorities who stray from the lefty plantation -- certainly not with an election in just a few weeks from now.

I don't usually ask for retweets -- I just throw stuff up against the wall and whatever sticks, sticks.

But if you're on Twitter, please RT this and maybe there's some small chance of getting Bruce's account reinstated. He's a good man to have in a fight, and Twitter, unfortunately, is one of our battlegrounds.