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Hillary Clinton wants a war on civility? That'll cost Democrats, big time

Must-read USA Today piece from the always-sharp, always-amusing Jon Gabriel:

One of the reasons Democrats lost the Kavanaugh battle, however, was their frenzied reaction to the bland jurist with bipartisan appeal and the highest rating from the left-leaning American Bar Association.

Moderate Republicans and independents closely watched the three-ring Senate hearings, mobs of screaming protesters chasing politicians out of restaurants, and ludicrous allegations of drug rings and gang rape. For the most part, they decided, these people are ridiculous.

The current conservative majority on the Supreme Court started back in the 1980s with the creation of The Federalist Society. They built a network of lawyers and judges who actually believed the Constitution meant what it said and, over the years, provided a stable of originalist jurists.

After years of quiet, sober and very hard work, today the group is recommending accomplished, vetted judges to President Trump. So far, a staggering 69 judges have been confirmed by the Senate for the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals and District Courts.

And this is why the Left is going nuts: For the first time maybe ever, the Right has beaten them at their own long game. Only instead of the "ratchet effect" clicking to the Left, it will be clicking the other direction for at least a generation. Maybe longer.

Their nuts are in the nutcracker, and they know it.

As for the Dems' likability problem, one Twitter user asks:

Not any time soon, my friends. Not any time soon.