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Live blog

Only in Berkeley could a leftist group be so far-left crazy that Whole Foods needs to get a restraining order against it:

New York Post:

An animal rights activist group that has drawn attention for its brazen protests around Bay Area supermarkets has been banned from setting foot inside a Whole Foods store in Berkeley, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday.

Court records indicate the Whole Foods location in Berkeley filed a restraining order in late September against the grassroots group, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE).

Over the last few years, the activist group — which espouses “total animal liberation” — has protested outside Bay Area Whole Foods and other supermarkets to raise awareness about alleged animal welfare violations of Whole Foods’ main suppliers, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Worry not, animal rights crazies. While the Dem supermajority in California continues to erode the rights of its human citizens, the chickens may soon be living large: