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It's not over until it is over, but...

Senators who stood up to the leftist mobs, threats of violence, and false claims deserve credit.  The Left was fully engaged with everything it had, and it didn't win the field.  Collins saw through it.  The rest of the Republicans saw through it.  And Americans saw through it.

This has to be disturbing for both mainstream Democrats and the Left.  The Democratic Party allowed the extreme radical Left to drive the anti-Kavanaugh strategy and they blew it.  Ridiculous claims, preposterous decades-old allegations, and in-your-face incivility were the tools of choice for the strategy.

Kavanaugh's honor was attacked, and when he defended his honor, then his foes claimed he didn't have the temperament to be a judge.

We still don't know if the full 30 hours is going to run before a final vote.  Majority Leader McConnell is now working out a time for a vote Saturday.

It may still be that Senator Murkowski may yet change her vote, especially after Senator Collins' speech.  People in Alaska are angry that she is on the wrong side of the issue, but it is not too late for her to fix that.