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Live Blog

Here is your live blog for the day.

Never forget: This is all about Trump (and abortion).

No, this is not the America of antifa, Democrat Socialists, LGBTQ militants and screeching harridans in pink pussy hats. Sorry. I realize the eight years before Trump made them feel in the mainstream -- but outside of college campuses, Hollyweird, and American newsrooms, they really are not.

It's a fake battle cry anyway. They want to fundamentally transform "America" into a left-wing globalist utopia -- not maintain the America we know and love. They have nothing but contempt for the founding fathers, the rule of law, and family values. So it just seems phony for them to call the America they despise and want to change their America.

Of course:

This is what they do when they're losing.

How inconvenient!

Kavanaugh's old classmates bust another ridiculous perjury attack. It turns out "Devil's Triangle" was indeed a drinking game. WHAT?! Kavanaugh told the truth? No...

Why don't we dunk him in water and see if he floats? It's already a witch hunt, let's just make the stakes clear: Heads, Democrats win. Tails, Kavanaugh loses.

WaPo and CNN are all but throwing in the towel:

I am still trying to not be too enthusiastic. I've been the Charlie Brown to the GOP's Lucy too many times when trying to kick the ball, as it were. Still...