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Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what's on the president's agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump has lunch with the secretary of State
  • The president meets with the United States ambassador to the United Nations

A nation held hostage -- Kavanaugh nomination: day one zillion

"Sources" say the Kavanaugh FBI investigation could wrap up by Wednesday and THAT'S TODAY!! This story has gotten ridiculous.

Interesting news broke yesterday when Christine Blasey Ford's ex-boyfriend (of 6 years!) came forward with some information.

“During that time, it was my understanding that [Ford’s roommate, Monica] McLean was interviewing for jobs with the FBI and US Attorney’s Office. I witnessed Dr. Ford help McLean prepare for a potential polygraph exam,”

“Dr. Ford explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped McLean become familiar and less nervous about the exam. Dr. Ford was able to help because of her background in psychology,” the letter continued.

“To the best of my recollection Dr. Ford never expressed a fear of closed quarters, tight spaces, or places with only one exit,” the letter read.

Wow, ok. Remember the nice sex-crime prosecutor from Arizona the GOP senators brought in to question Dr. Ford? She asked Dr. Ford two interesting questions:

MITCHELL: Had — have you ever given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test?

FORD: Never.


MITCHELL: Have you ever had discussions with anyone, beside your attorneys, on how to take a polygraph?

FORD: Never.

Hmmm. It looks like prosecutor Rachel Mitchell knew more than we knew at the time.

Also, no mention of Brett Kavanaugh, says the ex-boyfriend. And if you missed it yesterday, Paul Sperry has some information about the famous renovation and extra door on Dr. Ford's house. It doesn't really mesh with Ford's testimony or the Washington Post article.

So Grassley wants some info from Ford's activists/lawyers, especially the audio and video and all the information related to the polygraph and therapist's notes that Dr. Ford's team gave to the Washington Post but did not give to the Senate Judiciary Committee. How can we possibly be expected to believe this is non-partisan when Ford's team won't turn over any supporting documentation to the committee? They're only giving it to the media.

“The full details of Dr. Ford’s polygraph are particularly important because the Senate Judiciary Committee has received a sworn statement from a longtime boyfriend of Dr. Ford’s stating that he personally witnessed Dr. Ford coaching a friend on polygraph examinations," Grassley wrote.


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Trump and the tax bombshell story

So we have a story from the New York Times about the Trump family taxes. This is the same crowd that couldn't be bothered to look into Tony Rezko ten years ago, but they are all over Fred Trump's finances these days. The Times' investigation "alleged Donald Trump perpetrated various tax schemes and fraud during the 1990s to bolster the inheritance he received from his parents."

Anyway, the WH responded to the NYT article and said:

“Fred Trump has been gone for nearly twenty years and it’s sad to witness this misleading attack against the Trump family by the failing New York Times,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement, referring to Trump’s late father — a powerful New York real estate developer and housing magnate.

Many decades ago the IRS reviewed and signed off on these transactions,” Sanders said. “The New York Times’ and other media outlets’ credibility with the American people is at an all time low because they are consumed with attacking the president and his family 24/7 instead of reporting the news.”


Of course: Showtime to air documentary on NYT Trump tax story

Top Five Bombshells From New York Times Exposé on Trump Family Tax Dodging

New York tax department reviewing reported allegations against Trump

Historical picture of the day:

British historian and novelist H.G. Wells arrives in New York City aboard the liner Scythia on Oct. 3, 1940. (AP Photo)

Other morsels:

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Hurricane Florence death toll rises to 51

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Pompeo plans to meet with Kim Jong Un again in Pyongyang

University bans clapping, suggests students use ‘jazz hands’ instead

Hundreds of guns stolen from Tennessee UPS facility recovered outside Chicago

U.S. dairy farmers see new hope in new trade deal

Notorious French gangster caught after helicopter prison break

WAT? Grassley asks Air Force why squadron bought $1,280 coffee cups

Man arrested for allegedly offering $200K to buy 8-year-old from mother at Florida Walmart

Photos show how close Chinese warship came to colliding with US destroyer

Trump personally involved in legal effort to silence Stormy Daniels: Sources

And that's all I've got, now go beat back the angry mob!

Fat chance: add the UN to other clueless institutions who haven't figured out yet that there's a new sheriff in town:

The UN's top court ordered the United States on Wednesday to lift sanctions on humanitarian goods for Iran in a stunning rebuke to US President Donald Trump. Tehran hailed its "victory" after the International Court of Justice ruled that sanctions reimposed after Trump pulled out of a nuclear deal put Iranian lives at risk. The US said the case was "meritless" and only involved a few sanctions, although the decision is still likely to rile Trump.

It remains unclear whether the judgment will be anything more than symbolic because both Washington and Tehran have ignored ICJ decisions in the past. The judges at the court in The Hague ruled unanimously that the sanctions on some goods breached a 1955 "Treaty of Amity" between Iran and the US that predates Iran's Islamic Revolution.

Seems to me the "Treaty of Amity" has been long abrogated by, among other things, the hostage crisis during the Carter administration. Meanwhile, as I wrote in the New York Post, the administration is quietly pursuing an economic warfare strategy against American's enemies, and it's working.

This is encouraging:

This is within the margin of error, and McSally has been steadily closing the gap since the late GOP primary. As I wrote last week, the Democrats' behavior in the Kavanaugh confirmation has re-energized voters who were not exactly big fans of the GOP heading into November. They have managed to do so by putting the focus squarely on what lost them the 2016: fears about the future of the Supreme Court. I've seen anecdotal evidence about people donating to Republicans in close Senate campaigns. I left the GOP in 2016 and hadn't donated to the party since early 2012. In the past week I've donated to the NRSC, the NRCC, and McSally's campaign. I'm probably not done year.

Again, I don't think the Democrats had planned on this.

For the win.

LOL. Pick one: