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It's a fair question.

Lindsey Graham is still killing it on the Kavanaugh circus.

A week ago I never would have believed this was possible, would you?

So apparently "stupid enough for Ezra to embarrass himself" is a thing.

Who knew?

P.S. The A stands for "Agreement," not the second letter in Canada.

All they know how to do is go low anymore:

This is why my mom, who is a lifelong Democrat and has never voted Republican in her life, has about had it with her party. This ain't the party of Kennedy — well, except for all the perverts, that is.

Congressman Jim Renacci (R-Ohio), who is trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown, has challenged his opponent to a handyman contest.

Some of the comments are hilarious:

If he had the number of a federally paid electrician...

Sherrod would compel a state-run lackey to do the job. Party apparatchiks can't be bothered with such trivialities.

Sherrod is pretty used to things not working after he touches something!!!

Dems never could find the positive or neutral, only the negative.

He would most likely introduce legislation to tax them.

Brown would rather curse the dark than fix the light.

Personally, I think the nation could save a lot of time and money settling elections with handyman challenges. Plus, we'd all get our houses fixed. #Winning