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Content Moderator Sues Facebook, Says Job Gave Her PTSD.

When I see headlines like this one, I'm always reminded of the three loveliest and most loving words in the English language: Oh, grow up.

Here's the complaint:

A woman in California sued Facebook Friday for being “exposed to highly toxic, unsafe, and injurious content during her employment as a content moderator at Facebook.”

Selena Scola was a content moderator at Facebook’s Menlo Park, California headquarters from June 2017 through March of this year, according to the lawsuit. She worked for a contractor called Pro Unlimited, Inc., which helps Facebook delete content that violates its Community Standards. Facebook has roughly 7,500 content moderators worldwide, who are tasked with deleting hate speech, graphic violence and self harm images and video, nudity and sexual content, bullying, and a host of other content that violates its policies.

Scola’s lawyers say that she developed post traumatic stress disorder as a result of “constant and unmitigated exposure to highly toxic and extremely disturbing images at the workplace,” and allege that Facebook does not have proper mental health services and monitoring in place for its content moderators.

"Gosh, the city utility didn't make it clear when they hired me that sewer work would involve actual human muck!"

Could Facebook treat its content moderators better? Almost certainly. But I just recoil when employees sue their employers like this, because it increases the legal and regulatory hassles for the vast majority of employer/employee relationships where things run smoothly.

The suits also empower H.R. departments, which in my experience are often an SJW cancer on American business.

If things are that bad, content moderators should just quit en masse. Employment is hot right now, particularly in the tech sector. If they aren't quitting en masse, that's a decent indicator that this lawsuit is bunk.