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Good Friday morning.

Here is what's on the president's agenda today:

  • The president participates in a roundtable with supporters in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • President Trump departs the RON en route to VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System
  • The president arrives at VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System
  • President Trump delivers remarks and participates in signing ceremony for legislation appropriating funds for energy and water, military construction and Veterans Affairs, and the legislative branch
  • The president departs Las Vegas, NV, en route to Springfield, MO
  • President Trump participates in a roundtable with supporters, Springfield, MO
  • The president hosts a Make America Great Again Rally

Presumed guilty until proven guilty

Team KAVANAUGH ACCUSER has revealed the terms under which the accuser will testify before the Senate.

Among the terms: Only members of the committee -- no lawyers -- can question her; Kavanaugh cannot be in the room at the time; and Kavanaugh should be questioned first, before he has the opportunity to hear Ford's testimony.

Right, OK. The purpose of this entire spectacle is to slow down the Kavanaugh confirmation process and throw as much crap at him as possible to see if his confirmation can be stopped. The left doesn't care if he is guilty or not, they do not care if they destroy his reputation, they do not care if they destroy his family. The ends justify the means for them, don't you ever forget that.

The ACCUSER's attorney said that she would appear as long as senators provide "terms that are fair and which ensure her safety."

It was not immediately clear whether Senate Republicans would agree to Ford's latest requests, but they reportedly have indicated they were considering them. Judiciary Committee Republicans have offered Ford the opportunity to testify privately, and have indicated they're willing to fly out to California "or anywhere else" to question her there if she would find that more convenient.

Have we jettisoned the American judicial tradition where people are presumed innocent until proven guilty or are we going to just sit back and let the left commandeer the confirmation process to prosecute their pet #metoo cause? Kavanaugh would not be able to respond to any accusation if he "testifies" first. What's he going to say, "whatever she says, I didn't do it"? Come on, man. If the Senate Judiciary can't stand up to this attempt to derail the confirmation of the president's nominee to SCOTUS, the Republicans deserve to lose the Senate. What's the point of having control if the Democrats are still calling the shots? Who would turn out to vote for these jokers on "our" side?


Brett Kavanaugh is underwater in a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll as a sexual assault claim hangs over his Supreme Court confirmation

Kavanaugh and his accuser are both getting death threats

'Sup wit dis? Kavanaugh Protesters Refuse To Denounce Alleged Domestic Abuser Rep. Keith Ellison

Gowdy Questions Why Kavanaugh Is Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Mueller's cozy relationship with the press

Newly released messages show how chummy the Mueller Witch Hunters were/are with the media.

Hundreds of pages of emails and text messages released from the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) special counsel’s office through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request show an ongoing relationship between Robert Mueller’s team and the press, according to an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The documents, released in September, span months of communication and include messages from reporters ranging from a variety of outlets, including TheDCNF, The Washington Post and BuzzFeed.

A "vast majority" of the text messages ended with "no comment," however "the messages expose Mueller’s team was willing to meet with a number of reporters in private meetings and over the phone."

This is a hoot, these little babies throwing each other under the bus:

CNN’s Evan Perez, who had extensive conversations with Carr from at least May through August 2017, expressed frustration at a story co-authored by the network’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

After sending Carr a link to the story — which alleged that Mueller and the New York attorney general were working together on a probe into Paul Manafort based on “a source familiar with the investigation” — Perez lamented that “this is the kind of story that happens because of the situation we are in right now.” (RELATED: Manafort Cooperating With Mueller After Plea Deal)

“I had nothing to do with it. Didn’t see it until after it was published. I would not have published that. But I’m also in a poor position to stop things,” Perez said of Acosta’s reporting.

Perez then communicates concern that the story could damage the validity of the special counsel’s investigation because of the attorney general’s politics.

“By the way, this story and the pick up its [sic] getting makes it so the public will think Mueller is in bed with (one of) the most partisan left-leaning AG in the nation. I’m sure he has good people working there but the leadership has a pretty partisan agenda,” Perez says to Carr.

“Maybe that’s what the Special Counsel wants,” he adds.

Read entire piece.


Michael Cohen spoke to Mueller team for hours; asked about Russia, possible collusion, pardon: Sources

Historical picture of the day

Sandra Day O'Connor waves after her unanimous confirmation by the U.S. Senate to the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. in this Sept. 21, 1981 photo. Standing with O'Connor, from left to right, are: Attorney General William French Smith, Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., Sen. Dennis DeConcini, D-Ariz., Vice President George Bush, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Strom Thurmond, R-S.C. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Other morsels:

Nikki Haley: New York Times ‘knew the facts’ about curtains and still released story

Oh really? Google employees considered manipulating search results to help protest Trump's travel ban

Trump Loosens Secretive Restraints on Ordering Cyberattacks

Man charged with trying to steal passenger jet at Orlando airport

Over 84,000 without power in North Carolina after Florence

March For Our Lives founder leaves the gun control movement — and expresses one big regret

Reality TV Surgeon and Girlfriend Accused Of Multiple Drug Rapes

NSA: Security breaches of hacking tools curtailed snooping

Bill Maher gives $2 million to House and Senate Democratic super PACs

Nordstrom's taped, dirty-looking shoes on sale for a mere $530; shoppers outraged

Colombian police shut down Pablo Escobar museum

Two Maryland officers injured in shooting had served warrant to wrong apartment, police say

And that's all I've got, now go beat back the angry mob!



Brandon Friedman, by the way, is one of DC's more despicable characters, in case you didn't know:

After serving in the United States Army from 2000-2004, he went on to join the Soros-funded anti-Iraq War group "VoteVets."

In 2007, Friedman, then a spokesman for VoteVets, spearheaded one of the left's many efforts to "hush Rush" Limbaugh after the popular conservative radio host used the phrase "phony soldiers" on the air in reference to frauds who impersonate real soldiers (otherwise known as "stolen valor"). VoteVets, Media Matters, and others on the left tried to push the lie that Limbaugh was talking about soldiers who opposed the Iraq War rather than real phony soldiers like Jesse Macbeth, who had been recently in the news and discussed on his show. Their efforts culminated with a House resolution introduced by Democrats condemning  Limbaugh for his remarks.

Friedman went on to serve as the first director of digital media at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and deputy assistant secretary of public affairs at the Department of Housing and Urban Development during the Obama administration.

You may remember him as the guy who suggested that Bowe Bergdahl's troopmates were "psychopaths" after they came forward to decry Obama's infamous trade of five Taliban commanders for Bergdahl's release in June of 2014.

He now works for his own PR firm, The McPherson Square Group.


Last straw:

That's it. Grassley should schedule a vote this weekend -- or Monday at the latest whether she gets there or not. Republicans seem to have no idea how much they would be appreciated if they just put this farce to an end.


Senate Republican again responds perfectly to Dems on Kavanaugh.

Thank you, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).

Did somebody say "Blue Wave"???

This just in from Gallup:

In politics, as of today, do you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat or an independent?

2018 Aug 1-12      R +1

2016 NOV  9-13    D +3

2014 Nov 6-9        Tied

2012 Nov 9-12       D+5

2010 Nov 4-7         D +5

2008 Nov 7-9         D +5

2006 Nov 2-5         D +3