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Pocahontas fundraises off of Kavanaugh allegations.

The Boston Herald's Tom Shattuck has the story:

Out went the fundraising email blast: “This is outrageous. Brett Kavanaugh was already disqualified to serve on the Supreme Court. But now we’re learning new information about a sexual assault allegation.”

Just as a matter of clarity, Warren had disqualified the nominee even before she knew who it was. At a protest in front of the court when President Trump named Kavanaugh, there were signs reading “Stop Hardiman,” “Stop Kethledge,” and “Stop Kavanaugh” on site, just in case.

Back to Warren’s email: “If we all get in this fight right now, from Boston and across the country – then we’ve got a fighting chance at stopping the Republicans and Kavanaugh in their tracks.”

The email links to an online petition but the predominant feature is the big red “Donate Now” button below the missive.

To callously use another person’s alleged victimization as fodder for a fundraising campaign is grotesque exploitation and only serves to diminish the seriousness of the claim — which Democrats have already shamelessly exploited as a delaying tactic by withholding it for weeks, until just days before the scheduled vote on Kavanaugh.

Good point. Oh, and Chuck Grassley shot down the FBI investigation canard, which was just one more excuse to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation.