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Live Blog

A couple of points to make about the DOJ's response to James O'Keefe's latest sting.

The DOJ spox says she's deeply concerned about the allegations, etc. etc.

But they've known about rogue employee Allison Hrabar since at least June when she led the mob that hounded DHS Sec Kirstjen Nielsen out of a D.C. restaurant. A DOJ official said at the time that she couldn't comment on personnel issues.

A couple of months later, the Washington Times reported that Hrabar was getting off scot-free.

The socialist Justice Department employee who harassed the Homeland Security secretary at a Washington restaurant won’t be disciplined for her political tweets, a government watchdog has concluded.

Allison Hrabar’s Twitter posts complaining about deportation and detention policy aren’t political activity, the Office of Special Counsel ruled, and so they don’t break the federal Hatch Act.

Maybe they should have kept a closer eye on her since she was engaging in political activity -- apparently even using DOJ resources to target political enemies! -- while on the clock.

She and her fellow resisters at the DOJ should all be canned if they're using their positions to undermine the Trump administration. This shouldn't be that difficult.