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Two hours or so ago I asked a polite, simple, four-word question of Cristina King Miranda, who, as you know, earlier today claimed that the alleged assault on Christine Blasey Ford "was spoken about for days afterwords [sic] in school."

I could have asked a sharper question, such as, "Was this the same assault Ford says she told no one about except for her therapist in 2012, or a different and much more widely known assault?"

But no. I merely asked what the purpose (now "served") was of her deleted tweet. She claimed it had served a purpose, and it doesn't seem unreasonable or even forward to ask what its purpose was.

I guess since Miranda has said she won't answer any questions or participate in the "circus" she herself precipitated, we'll never know.

But, man, with the kind of void she's left one could certainly presume an awful lot -- none of which would reflect kindly on herself or on Ford, whom she claims to still stand by.

Then again, making serious allegations and then running for cover does seem to be the Left's modus operandi against Brett Kavanaugh.