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Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup!

Washington, D.C. is in an uproar as fans go wild.

And accusations of Russian collusion have already hit Democrat Twitter.

I think this guy took the concept of "going green" a little too far.

New York Daily News:

A celebrity chef with a warped sense of going green poisoned a neighbor’s giant silver maple tree because it blocked sunlight from the solar panels on his Windsor Terrace home, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office says.

Adam Harvey, 33, was arrested in May after neighbors spotted him drilling 11 holes into the trunk of the seven-story tree and filling it with herbicide, prosecutors say. The former “Top Chef” contestant, who owns the Gowanus restaurant Bar Salumi, was arraigned on May 15 with two misdemeanors charges: criminal mischief and criminal trespass. A judge also issued an order of protection against the foliage fiend, barring him from going near the tree’s owner.

Meanwhile, the sprawling, majestic maple — which is more than 60 years old, measures 53 inches in diameter and resides in the backyard of a Seeley St. home — is clinging to life. Half of its leaves have wilted since the April 30 attack. An arborist who inspected the tree told its owner that it’s a matter of waiting and seeing if it will pull through.

Yes, trees are our friends and we should be nice to them. But maybe Harvey should have checked out the line of sight before installing those solar panels. If he had done so, he would have realized the problem and probably abandoned the project.

Instead, he killed Treebeard. He will be fortunate if the other trees around his home don't get angry at him and drop some limbs on his roof or, better yet, on his car. One thing is certain: You don't mess with Mother Nature or the Ents.




And a reminder, if one is needed, that foreigners don't pay our tariffs. American consumers and businesses do.

Apparently this is not a parody, but an actual consumer product being released for sale to the public.