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This sounds bad: Gas explosions ripped through dozens of homes and businesses in Essex County, Massachusetts, this afternoon.

At least 39 explosions have been reported, according to Fox News.

Residents in the aforementioned towns that are serviced by Columbia Gas of Massachusetts "should evacuate their homes immediately if they have not already done so," police advised.

The Methuen police chief said there are so many fires “you can’t even see the sky.”

It's so bad, police have ordered evacuations in three towns.

“Residents in the affected towns of Lawrence/North Andover/Andover who have gas service from Columbia Gas should evacuate their homes immediately,” police said. “Gas lines are currently being depressurized by the company it will take some time.” Adding, it’s “far too early to speculate on cause.”

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Senator Feinstein has apparently created tension on the Senate Judiciary Committee because she won't share a letter from a California constituent who is making apparent #MeToo accusations about Brett Kavanaugh.

This 11th hour Hail Mary is downright embarrassing. 

The letter took a circuitous route to Feinstein, the top-ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. It purportedly describes an incident that was relayed to someone affiliated with Stanford University, who authored the letter and sent it to Rep. Anna Eshoo, a Democrat who represents the area.

Accusations in a secret letter (about something that Kavanaugh supposedly did in high school) are so damaging -- so explosive, Sen. Feinstein had to refer the matter to the FBI.  So I guess everyone can just let their imaginations run wild.

What in the world could Kanvanaugh have done in high school that would require the FBI to investigate it?

Democrats are insane.

... or maybe he didn't.

ThinkProgress is getting some much-deserved mockery for running a speculative piece suggesting this is Brett Kavanaugh's #MeToo moment.

"Brett Kavanaugh has a mysterious #MeToo problem"

The first paragraph is all you need to read. SHOT!

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have committed a very serious crime — possibly even a sex crime. Or maybe he didn’t. That’s what we just learned from an extraordinarily vague press statement by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Now for the chaser.

And this is great.

It works in so many cases!

Obama founded ISIS ... or maybe, he didn't.

BUSH DID 9/11 ... or maybe, he didn't.

Maybe, ThinkProgress's Ian Millhiser should wait to reveal his breathless speculation until there's at least a modicum of evidence to back it up. But what do I know?

You'll have to click past a couple of YouTube ads, but it's worth it.