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Live Blog

Oh, so now they're finally fact-checking Obama? Hilarious.

Here are some of the lies the AP caught Obama in:

  • "The actions we took during that crisis returned the economy to healthy growth and initiated the longest streak of job creation on record."
  • "It shouldn't be Democratic or Republican to say that we don't threaten the freedom of the press because they say things or publish stories we don't like. I complained plenty about Fox News, but you never heard me threaten to shut them down or call them enemies of the people."
  • "Their sabotage of the Affordable Care Act has already cost more than 3 million Americans their health insurance. And if they're still in power next fall, you better believe they're coming at it again. They've said so."

I say better late than never, but it sure would have been nice if they had started fact-checking this guy while he was in office — when he actually mattered — instead of now, when he's mostly irrelevant.

Matt Margolis is PJM's resident Obama fact-checker. Here's his latest, but do click on his bio to see all of his pieces on the subject:  The Top Five Ways Obama Attacked the Free Press.

Matt's also got a book out on the subject, The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama.