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The U.S. actually sat down and negotiated with these Iranian thugs.

Washington Free Beacon:

A top Iranian military leader warned on Monday that Iran is plotting strikes outside of its own borders and will even go "beyond the seas" to carry out attacks on those it perceives as enemies, statements that further highlight Iran's clandestine operations inside the United States and in Europe.

"We warn the enemies of the Islamic Revolution that if they make an aggression against the Islamic Iran, we will chase and punish them not only outside the borders but also beyond the seas," General Yahya Rahim Safavi, a top aide to Iran's Supreme Leader, was quoted as saying on Monday in remarks in Tehran.

The comments come just days after Iran's Revolution Guard Corps, or IRGC, launched a missile strike in Iraq's Kurdistan region. Iran has promised further strikes in that country.

Safavi's rhetoric also comes on the heels of the arrest of two Iranians in the United States who were accused of plotting terror attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets. U.S. officials have warned that Iran's spy operations expand far beyond its borders and that the Islamic Republic has the capability of launching terror strikes across the region and even the globe.

Every time you hear threats like that from Iran, you should remind yourself who enabled those threats by releasing tens of billions of dollars of Iranian assets that now allow Tehran to carry out attacks beyond its borders.

Some call it treason. I call it simple naivete and stupidity. Obama actually believed that being nice to the Iranians and negotiating with them as if they were a legitimate government would moderate their behavior. It seems fantastic that anyone with two brain cells working would think that, but apparently, this is the case.