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Live Blog

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More on brave brave Senator Booker:

Note: "Senator Booker's office". He received the clearance directly.

Yes, this tweet is real.

And sorry, but I can't help myself. More anti-Booker.

I know Deb already hit this earlier, but I am still in awe about just how bad Cory Booker's whole "Spartacus stunt was."

First, he made a big deal about releasing documents that had already been cleared for release. Now, he's refusing to say if he knew they had been cleared.

Second, he released emails that actually paint Brett Kavanaugh in a good light. An email chain showed Kavanaugh's resistance against using racial profiling in air transportation after the 9/11 attacks.

Oh, and then there's that wonderful video in which Booker admitted he wasn't breaking Senate rules, anyway. What is the man thinking? This isn't just a confusing and horrific abuse of his office, it's also really, really dumb virtue signaling.