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Live Blog

As is my wont, something lovely and non-political to wrap up my blogging day.

Earlier this week I told the silly story of how I became a fan of Poncho Sanchez, conguero extraordinaire. Like any good fan I read up on his career and influences, and discovered than he'd studied his craft at the feet -- well, at the hands, I guess -- of conguero elder statesman Cal Tjader.

A quick study of Tjader revealed that, shortly before his untimely death in 1982, he'd recorded an album with none other than Carmen McRae -- who happens to be my favorite female jazz vocalist.

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The album is called "Heat Wave," and it features a collection of English and Latin songs, both jazz and popular. Apparently the recording session was a bit of a mess. Wikipedia says that "McRae and Tjader did not get on well during the recording, and Tjader later overdubbed his parts without McRae present." Nevertheless, the whole thing has the light, loose feeling of a little jazz show on a quiet Caribbean beach.

So today we have McRae and Tjader performing not-quite-together on Clarence Frogman Henry's 1967 song, "Evil Ways," made famous two years later by Carlos Santana.

And somehow made indelible by McRae and Tjader, despite serious personal differences.

Hope you enjoy -- and I'll see you bright and early tomorrow AM.