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Live Blog

Here is your live blog for the day.

Meanwhile, this:

For shame.

The latest unhinged anti-Kavanaugh Resistance insanity: the White House aide sitting behind him was flashing white power hand signals, you guyz!

For the record, here's Bash's family history:

Bash’s father is Dr. Lawrence Richard Gelman, a “distinguished physician” in the Rio Grande Valley, so says a feature in Empower Texans. That feature says that Dr. Gelman “is a second-generation Polish-American Jew whose parents barely escaped the Holocaust and found solace in America.” Dr. Gelman met his wife, Maria Esperanza, in Monterrey, Mexico, and the couple was married in 1979. They have four children together, Zina, Alexander, Rachel and Sharon.

That's a pretty unique neo-Nazi combo right there -- part Mexican, part Jew.

Looks like even Di-Fi has had it with the protesters.

Among the protesters arrested in Brett Kavanaugh's hearing today were Women’s March co-founders Linda Sarsour and Bob Bland. Sarsour can be seen in the video below struggling with the police in the back of the room as fellow activists jump up, joining the fray and screeching in protest.

These are the kind of optics lefties love. Most Americans, on the other hand, watch it and wince.



Ted Cruz's remarks.

The senator from the Great State of Texas delivered powerful opening remarks.