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Live Blog

Here is your live blog for the day.

The messaging just got a little "garbled," that's all. Could happen to anybody.


In other news, Facebook thinks conservative articles are "spam."

True story.

If any articles are spam, it seems they would be the liberal media's constant refrain that Michael Cohen's plea deal will implicate Trump and maybe even derail his presidency. But both Jenna Lynn Ellis and Salena Zito explained why that's not true.

But you know, any article with a conservative viewpoint is clearly spam, so...

Bill to defund Planned Parenthood fails.


Here's some info about Planned Parenthood verses crisis pregnancy centers.

Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton makes a good point about Paris Dennard's suspension from CNN.

ICYMI, the video of Dennard making former CIA clown Phil Mudd become "unglued and weird" is very entertaining and can be found right here.