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Live Blog

Here is your live blog for the day.

POTUS just said this is a six-point election. RCP currently has it at seven but notes:

 Manchin is a reasonably conservative Democrat and a decent fit for the state, but the rapidly shifting partisanship here cannot be denied.  In the end, his fate might be akin to that of Charles Percy, a popular, moderate Republican Senator from Illinois, who nevertheless lost his bid for a fourth term in an increasingly Democratic state faced with an increasingly conservative Republican Party.  This is likely to be Manchin’s toughest race to date.

LOL...POTUS gets a dig in early at the NFL and ESPN.

Statement on Cohen from Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani:

Trump's speech in West Virginia:

Trump is about to speak, but there's another important story that just broke. Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch, has had more than $2,000 effectively stolen from him on GoFundMe. He tried to pull the money out, and it disappeared.