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As I reported here at PJ Media, disgraced (and now thankfully former) FBI agent Peter Strzok didin't waste any time following his termination to grift for donations with a GoFundMe account. He also started a Twitter account today where he has posted one tweet so far and "liked" a number of tweets posted by anti-Trump pundits and celebrities.

His first action on Twitter was to like a Tweet by the execrable anti-Trump comedian Jim Carrey calling Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) "vile."

Here's another one the supposedly unbiased former counterintelligence agent liked.

Dworkin, as you may know, is a co-founder of . In his Twitter profile, he calls himself a "proud member of . Dem strategist. Investigator. Helped uncover  scandal."

In case there were still any doubts as to where the man stands politically.

As I noted in my piece, it's no wonder Strzok's GoFundMe is going so well. He is the the founder of the Resistance -- their patron saint.