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Kyrsten Sinema: "The anointed one."

The Democrat aiming for Arizona's Senate seat has been hailed as "the anointed one" by the Arizona Republic...

As I reported here at PJ Media, disgraced (and now thankfully former) FBI agent Peter Strzok didin't waste any time following his termination to grift for donations with a GoFundMe account. He also started a Twitter account today where he has posted one tweet so far and "liked" a number of tweets posted by anti-Trump pundits and celebrities.

His first action on Twitter was to like a Tweet by the execrable anti-Trump comedian Jim Carrey calling Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) "vile."

Here's another one the supposedly unbiased former counterintelligence agent liked.

Dworkin, as you may know, is a co-founder of . In his Twitter profile, he calls himself a "proud member of . Dem strategist. Investigator. Helped uncover  scandal."

In case there were still any doubts as to where the man stands politically.

As I noted in my piece, it's no wonder Strzok's GoFundMe is going so well. He is the the founder of the Resistance -- their patron saint.


Everybody’s talking about President Trump lead attorney Rudy Giuliani’s carpet-bomb blitz to cast shade on the Mueller probe and put the president in the clear. Howard Kurtz welcomed Giuliani as his guest on Sunday’s Media Buzz, and then sliced-and-diced the topic with a panel including Katie Pavlich. Over at MSNBC, Joe “Welcome to the Monkey House” Scarborough accused Giuliani of being “disoriented.” That’s proof enough that America’s Mayor is definitely “getting ‘er done.” And the firing Friday of the ignominious Peter Strzok doesn’t help the cause of those invested in the ridiculous “Russia collusion” witch hunt.

Speaking of disoriented, Trump’s legion of supporters will likely give the commander-in-chief a pass for ever letting backstabbing harridan Omarosa anywhere near his administration. The Celebrity Apprentice bench served its purpose and should be as distant now as President Reagan's post-election connection to Bonzo.  What’s next, Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli for U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, or Poison lead singer Brett Michaels as head of Center for Women’s Health Studies?

Kidding aside, Mayor Giuliani—a man never afraid to enter the breach—seems to have a perfectly sound grasp of how to handle Mueller’s team and defend his client. Each time a TV segment ends with his arresting, prosecutorial laugh, out here in Trump Country we get the feeling that we're going to get through this, that everything’s going to be all right.

Trump signs defense bill. Liberals complain he didn't mention McCain.

Yes, seriously. President Donald Trump signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act today after a 25 minute speech.

What's the media narrative? He didn't mention McCain.

Here's Jake Tapper.

Did Trump have to mention McCain? Yes, the bill is named after the Arizona senator to honor him, but it funds the military overall. I'd say it is perfectly acceptable for Trump to leave McCain out of his remarks, and this seems like one of the more silly complaints about it. What do you think?

Meanwhile in the real Venezuela (as opposed to the one that exists in Moore's mind)...

People looking for food residues in the garbage in Caracas, Venezuela, on 23 November 2017. (Photo by Alvaro Fuente/NurPhoto/Sipa via AP Images)