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Over at AoSHQ, Ace is all over that story about Fusion GPS, British spy Christopher Steele and his client/pal/patron/best friend/boss/acquaintance Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch linked to Putin who had his visa revoked because of suspected involvement with Russian organized crime.

Sorry for the confusion, but Ace had a lot of typos in his post.

Whoops, I mean his pal Deripaska! I certainly don't mean to suggest that this Gentleman Spy and Patriot was actually on the payroll of a Russian oligarch linked to Putin!

Boy is my face red on that.

But Steele maintained some sort of relationship with Deripaska before he was even hired to dig up dirt on Trump.

And as Byron York reports at the Washington Examiner, emails in 2016 between Steele and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr strongly suggest Steele was advocating on the oligarch's behalf regarding his legal status while at the same time collecting Russia-related allegations (from Deripaska?) against Donald Trump for the dirty dossier.

It's amazing how much actual collusion seemed to be going on between Democrats and Russians surrounding the 2016 election -- yet the only ones getting in trouble for "collusion" are Republicans.

Or not.

At a Senate hearing in February, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-OK) asked the FBI director about an inquiry Senator Grassley had made regarding Steele and his pal/patron/client/acquaintance Deripaska.

"Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, last week sent a letter to a London-based lawyer who represents Mr. Deripaska," Cotton continued, "and asked if Christopher Steele was employed, either directly or indirectly, by Oleg Deripaska at the time he was writing the so-called Steele dossier. Do you know if Christopher Steele worked for Oleg Deripaska?'"

"That's not something I can answer," Wray said.

"Could we discuss it in a classified setting?"

"There might be more we could say there," Wray answered.