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Congress may have a chance to find out what Christopher Steele has been hiding.

A lawyer for a Russian businessman suing BuzzFeed News over the infamous Steele dossier says he will provide the Senate with a video of a deposition that Christopher Steele, the document’s author, gave as part of the BuzzFeed lawsuit in June.

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the judiciary panel, asked Val Gurvits, a lawyer for Boston Legal Group, to provide a transcript and video of a deposition that Steele gave in London on June 18 as part of a lawsuit against BuzzFeed in a July 25 letter.


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What a dirtbag:

Fox News:

Gates acknowledged during testimony on Monday to embezzling money from Manafort. But on Tuesday, he denied using that money to finance his extramarital relationship, saying he used “bonus money” and “family money.”

The questioning is part of the Manafort defense strategy of presenting Gates to the jury as someone who lies and cannot be trusted.

Oh my goodness! As I reported here yesterday, Judge Ellis got snippy again in court Monday during the Manafort trial, but I didn't realize he made Mueller's lawyer cry.

Now, I still think Alex Jones is a consummate ass. (See Steve's post yesterday for my reasons., or at least some of them.) But still ....