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Live Blog

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Rumor Mill:

On AoSHQ's sidebar: "Tip: Trump may read Sarah Jeong’s tweets at tonight’s rally. No guarantees but it could happen."

All I can say is the idea has been suggested to someone close to the president.

"Tonight's rally" probably referred to yesterday's rally in PA. And it didn't come up obviously. But the president has another rally in Ohio on Saturday so stay tuned. If he mentions the "failing NYT's" new editorial board member and her racist tweets, that would be AMAZING.

They may be on to something here:

Better yet, send all the socialist Dem candidates to Venezuela. The presidential hopeful who makes it out alive gets to be on the ballot in 2020.

Another story the MSM will studiously ignore:

No, but the poor guy was probably harassed online at some point, so he was driven to this extreme  "counter-trolling."