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President Trump clarified today that he doesn't think the entire media is the enemy of the people, just the "fake media," which of course makes up a good part of it.

It's hard to disagree with Trump after the past couple of years of media provocations against Trump, his administration and supporters.

"Does the media's constant stoking of violent rage at Trump supporters have any effect?" Ace of Spades asks rhetorically.

Breitbart's John Nolte answers that question with 542 examples of anti-Trump violent rage in the past couple of years with this near exhaustive list:

That the MSM pretends not to notice this, while posing as victims themselves, is one of the reasons Trump supporters detest them so.

I wonder what type of online harassment inspired this love offering from Sarah Jeong:

She's just a charmer, isn't she?

That's a 100-megaton truth bomb.

The thing you must always remember is this: Lefties like to think of themselves as "progressives" who vote for "the party of science."

But look at how they reject any actual change.

As I said on PJTV years ago, and as Joel Kotkin has been arguing in a far more in-depth way, progressivism has become a modern version of feudalism in which everyone is supposed to know their place and stay there.

Capitalism, largely embraced by those on the right and some non-"progressive" lefties, produces an endless stream innovation, disruption, and progress.