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Speaking of Democrats, the New York Times is the leading indicator of coming Leftist talking points. Note the glee with which the Times notes that (gasp!) the largely rural New England states of Vermont and New Hampshire are... mostly white:

Catalina Celentano used to hold training sessions for hospital workers in Lynn, Mass., to familiarize them with the cultures of patients from Cambodia, Russia and the Dominican Republic. When she moved to New Hampshire, she suddenly found herself in an ethnic vacuum.

“I went from being able to speak Spanish every day to not speaking Spanish at all because there wasn’t anybody to speak Spanish to,” said Mrs. Celentano, who was born in Colombia to a Colombian mother and Hungarian father. “The only person I spoke Spanish with was a cleaning lady and she moved back to Colombia.”

New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.

Boo hoo. I would guess most native-born residents of upper New England would have hard times finding folks who speak English in rural Colombia. But the Times couldn't care less about them -- out with the old and in with the new. Because, the future!

It has also posed problems for employers in these states, who find that their homogeneity can be a barrier to recruiting and retaining workers of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. The issue prompted about 100 business leaders, government officials and members of nonprofit organizations to meet Thursday to search for ways that New Hampshire — which is 94 percent white — might lure other racial and ethnic groups, as well as younger people.

Will Arvelo, New Hampshire’s director of economic development, said the gathering appeared to be the first broad-based effort in New England, if not the country, to focus on how to diversify an entire state.

"Diversity" is rapidly replacing environmentalism as the atheist Left's new religion, an all-purpose battering ram designed to destroy the country as founded, and replace it with... Colombia. Enjoy.