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The end is nigh, my friends. The end is nigh.

Oh, sweet irony!

BMW Raising Prices on American-made SUVs in China, Willing to Absorb Some Tariff Costs.

Matt Posky reporting for The Truth About Cars:

If you needed proof that a trade war is on and were wondering how automakers would handle it, look no further. BMW says it will have to raise the models’ Chinese MSRP by 4 percent to 7 percent. It’s a relatively modest increase considering how utterly massive the new import fees are, which indicates a willingness from the automaker to absorb some of the associated costs just to remain in the market. It’s something BMW is not alone in doing, and there could be a valuable lesson to be learned from that.

“BMW stands for free [trade] but can’t stand still without taking actions to respond to the market changes,” a BMW spokeswoman explained to Reuters.

The actions taken by the German manufacturer appear to involve doing whatever it takes not to lose out on occupying the world’s largest automotive market. Keep in mind that practically every automaker under the sun complained to the United States that the mere prospect of tariffs would induce price increases, layoffs, and reduced investments.

BMW is America's largest auto exporter.

Assault rifle? That wouldn't even pass for an early Glock mockup.

Discuss: Reporters are the most cocksure yet least-informed people in America, or is it the other way around?

In a widely unread opinion piece for CNN, actorvist Alyssa Milano called 3d-printed guns "downloadable death."

And doesn't that just make you want one even more?

Aside: I thought for a moment I'd coined the word "actorvist" just now, but it turns out its been in the Urban Dictionary for probably about ever.