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In case you have any doubts that the media invents news trends, propelling nobodies into the spotlight in order to further the Narrative, the boomlet around Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should dispel them:

ABDUL EL-SAYED IS currently running third in Michigan's Democratic primary for governor. The 33-year-old former Detroit health commissioner is young, progressive, Muslim and an undeniable underdog.

But he also happens to be one of eight candidates around the country who have earned the blessing of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Socialist wunderkind from New York City who convulsed the political world by pulling off the upset of the year in her late June primary defeat of Rep. Joe Crowley. In the month since her win, Ocasio-Cortez has gotten too big to stay put in the Bronx. She's become an instant celebrity of the Democratic resistance as well as a prime pinata for right wing adversaries seizing on her every utterance.

And now her show is on the road, as she lends support to a brigade of start-up insurgents she hopes to help lift into her fold. Last weekend, she trekked from Kansas to Missouri to rally for three congressional candidates. This weekend, she'll hit four cities in Michigan to campaign for El-Sayed.

"She's certainly validated the brand of politics that we're engaged in. Unapologetic, honest, focused on speaking truth to power, and inspiring and engaging voters who felt locked out of the system for a long time," El-Sayed says. "I think she brings a certain energy and validity to that approach. A lot of folks in the Democratic establishment tell you . . . the only way you win is speaking right to the middle of Democratic issues. We've got to be a lot more focused on the issues that real people are talking about and not these talking points. She's shown how it's done."

"She" probably hasn't done a thing except show up wherever she's been told. Whoever's grooming her injected her into the MSM Twitter stream ten seconds after she beat Crowley in a race nobody else was watching or cared about. Now, she's everywhere, campaigning across the country and -- this is the crucial part -- normalizing and mainstreaming "socialism" to make it more palatable to the American people. Forget crazy Bernie with his wild hair and rumpled suits: in the media's adoring eyes, Ocasio-Cortez is already a female Barack Obama, ticketed for glory and higher office.

The idea behind her national tour is to make her moment more than an anomaly in a single liberal enclave where she's heavily favored to become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. It's to try to show that a rising tide of unrepentant liberalism can flourish from the surfing beaches in Hawaii to the corn fields in Kansas.

Even Politico, while spilling oceans of pixel ink on her behalf, wonders whether she can pull it off:

Ocasio-Cortez's double-digit victory was surely powerful, but there's healthy reason to wonder whether it's transferable.

Socialism is a lightning rod term for many Americans that conjures up images of Karl Marx and is often convoluted [the word the writer is looking for is "conflated"] with communism and the loss of individual liberty. "Name one country that socialism has ever worked!" said Meghan McCain on a tirade against the ideology on The View this week. "Every Democratic socialist that is going on TV saying that it's good needs to start paying 90 percent in taxes."

Luckily, she's pretty dumb:

As Ocasio-Cortez gains breakneck notoriety, she is attracting withering scrutiny. Her honeymoon phase won't last forever. It might even already be over. In an interview on PBS' Firing Line, she attributed low unemployment numbers to everyone working two jobs and when challenged by host Margaret Hoover on her assertion that Israel is occupying Palestine, she threw her hands up and admitted, "I am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue."

Even some Democrats think she's overplaying her hand. "She beat Joe Crowley because he didn't spend enough time in the district and now she's off already running around the country," notes a staffer for the moderate Blue Dog Democratic caucus in the House.

But you can bet she'll continue to be a media darling right up to the moment she's no longer useful to them.

Twitter has suspended Kathleen McKinley -- aka "RightWingSparkle" -- for "hate speech!"

Are you kidding me?

@jack really jumped the shark this time.

Kathleen is one of the most polite and congenial (while often feisty!) pundits of all time. This is tantamount to the SPLC putting the always genteel Dr. Ben Carson on its "extremist watch" list. Absolutely mind-boggling.


Burglar wakes up couple to ask to use their Wi-Fi network.

My first guess was that this one just had to be a Florida Man story, but no. If your first guess was "I bet it happened in the Bay Area," then give yourself a cookie and a pat on the back.


A 60-something couple in Palo Alto got an unpleasant surprise on Sunday when they woke up in the middle of the night to find a masked intruder in their bedroom. He said he wanted to use the couple's Wi-Fi network.

The burglar didn't get the Wi-Fi password he was looking for, however. The man leaped out of bed and confronted the intruder, shoving him down the hallway and out the front door. He then immediately called the police. The troublemaker was arrested by police minutes later. No one was injured in the confrontation.

Palo Alto police declined to name the 17-year-old suspect because he was a minor.

That dumb kid is lucky he didn't try that stunt somewhere like here in Colorado, where a midnight intrusion is likely to get you shot and/or mauled by dogs.

Or in the case of me and my Golden Retriever, shot and/or schnoogled on.

Check out this middle-aged Antifa wannabe trying to burn some American "Blue Line" flags in Winston-Salem, NC, but failing badly:

It didn't take long for the cops to nab him:

Winston-Salem police have arrested a High Point man they believe tried to burn two American 'Blue Line' flags hanging outside a bar popular among police and first responders.

Tuesday night, police were sent surveillance video of a man who walks in front of Kelly Days bar on N. Main St. and appears to use a lighter to singe the bottom of the flags. He then pulls the flags down and puts them on the ground.

Thursday afternoon, police arrested 41-year-old Timothy Wayne Lail without incident in the 1400 block of Northwest Blvd. in Winston-Salem. Lail was charged with Burning Personal Property and Injury to Personal Property. Lail's bond was set at $2,500 and he has a preliminary court date of Aug. 16.

What a loser.

This seems like a pretty good idea, although it seems like it could be a lot taller:

But this?

HECK NO. I'll take being crushed to death in an earthquake over being buried alive in a coffin any day of the week. What about you?