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In a personal addendum to Tyler's post on Twitter, I have noticed of late that my account has declined from over 30k followers to 17k.  Have I suddenly become anathema?  Maybe, but I doubt it. At essentially the same time, my personal profile had been growing significantly via 2 to 3 Real Clear Politics links a week, as I have on today's column. Have I too been singled out?  You decide but I suggest there are little gnomes over at Twitter quietly chopping away at the number of followers of anyone even slightly prominent on the right.  What can be done about this?  Sadly, not much, I'm afraid, other than leave Twitter.  As long as the attrition is done slowly over time, as mine was, it's difficult to stop them.  What do you do?  I'm open to suggestions.


The flaw in this reasoning is trying to find a TSA agent you'd willingly grope.

Iowahawk asked some very good questions on the "conversational health" thing. Read the whole thread, but the TL;DR is that if the parameters they choose to optimize are chosen correctly, they don't have to have a "ban conservatives" setting; it would happen with complete deniability.

NARRATOR: They aren't at all on the same spectrum.