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Good News:

Not so good news:

This is who the Democrats have been pinning their hopes on for months:


Not a big fan of federal overrides, of course, but everything California does at the state level punishes the wallets and freedom of its citizens. It needs supervision.

Hizzoner apparently doesn't keep up with the news:

As almost every adult human on the planet knows, this has been the trend in the newspaper industry for quite some time. The thing that funded all those editors-advertising-just doesn't bring in the revenue that it used to. Unbeknownst to many, I took a brief hiatus from comedy when I got divorced so that I wouldn't have to leave my daughter during the transition. I worked in the Real Estate Sales division of the Los Angeles Daily News in late 2004 and for half of 2005. Craigslist had just begun to disrupt newspaper real estate advertising but it was still huge. We were one of the most well-staffed and highest paid sections of the paper. Within a year after I went back to comedy, my friends who remained in newspaper ad sales began to be offered buyout packages. Within a few years, the largest revenue stream that newspapers had was pretty nonexistent. It has taken most papers a long time to realize that the next logical step was to pare editorial staff. It's not greed, it's inevitable. Then again, Mayor D is a commie, so what would he know about business.