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Live Blog

Check out this Slate writer openly admitting what the media has been up to for the past two years:

For the better part of two years now, reporters have been trying to find the issue or offense that could fracture Donald Trump’s base of support.

[Excuse me, but since when has it been it the media's job to "fracture" the public, rather than to enlighten and inform it?]

They have traveled to “Trump country” for regular updates from working-class whites and other key Trump constituents, only to find that those voters have been unmoved by each controversy. But if there’s anything that could break the president’s hold on his base, it might be an economic agenda that harms their pocketbooks and hurts their livelihoods.

They worked so hard studying the natives in order to to subvert them, only to fail again and again. #Sad!

You can kind of imagine those frustrated Journolist conversations, can't you?