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This should make everything more irritating:

More from Deadspin:

Even after it officially approved a new helmet rule for the 2018 season, the NFL quietly made a significant change to the wording of a related rule that addresses the applicable penalty. The change was an attempt to provide clarity by distinguishing prohibited hits to the helmet from incidental contact. But there’s still a whole lot of confusion about how the rule is going to be enforced, which means there’s still likely going to be a flurry of flags thrown early in the year as players, coaches, and officials adjust to a change that has the potential to profoundly affect the way the game is played.

The main issue at hand is whether the penalty will apply to linemen, who hit and block each other helmet-to-helmet on just about every play. And, in a total reverse from what we have come to expect from the NFL, the confusion comes from the relative simplicity of the rule.

When the NFL isn't trying to ruin one of the greatest sports ever with politics, it's busy coming up with confusing rules to mitigate collisions and violence in a game that people tend to watch for the collisions and violence. That will always be the core problem: the nature of the game is violent, and all the rules changes in the world won't make that go away unless the fundamental way it's played is radically overhauled. As long as players are supposed to be tackled, however, players are going to get hurt.