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Why we can't have nice things.

So... I wasn't the biggest fan of Trump yesterday. I'm tired of his praising authoritarians to their face, even though his actual foreign policy generally goes after them, as our own Roger Simon well noted. The fist-bump to Recep Tayyip Erdogan — the Turkish leader who made the Hagia Sophia Muslim again and who prevented Ataturk's last-ditch restraint against Islamism by gutting the military — really bothered me.

But the media keeps making it worse. For crying out loud, Trump did not commit treason yesterday, whatever the New York Daily News says.

Things like this help explain why people like me who were "Never Trump" in 2016 have largely become gut Trump supporters. Trump has a lot of problems, but the Left and the media somehow find a way to be far worse.

Remember, Sarah Hoyt warned you.

I think we've all seen demented and malicious John Brennan's overwrought reaction to Trump's meeting with Putin by now:

Tell me if this didn't cross your mind, too:

And read the latest from the American Spectator's George Neumayr:

The unhinged criticism is also hilariously rich, given that John Brennan, who supported the Soviet-controlled American Communist Party, meets the textbook definition of a useful idiot for the Russians. At the height of the Cold War, he was rooting for the Reds, casting his vote in 1976 for Gus Hall, the American Communist Party’s presidential candidate. If anyone is adept at serving as a dupe for the Russians, it is John Brennan. To paraphrase John Kerry, he was for them before he was against them.

What changed? How could Brennan support the Soviet Union, even to the point of voting for one of its puppets, but then hysterically denounce any diplomacy toward Putin’s Russia? The answer lies in Russia’s shedding of communism. Brennan, who refused to take his oath as CIA director on the Bible, misses the days of atheistic Marxism and fears the revival of a Christian Russia (Brennan, while walking the halls of the CIA festooned with LGBT buttons, would rant to colleagues about Putin’s refusal to allow gay pride parades in Moscow.) Brennan deplored Reagan’s description of the Soviet Union as an evil empire and joined other leftists in demanding that he pursue détente with Marxist thugs who make Putin look like a piker. Were Russia still collectivist, he would be using his Twitter account, which boasts his belief in the “collective future,” to praise, not trash, diplomatic gestures.

Keep reading. Obama holds the dubious distinction of appointing the most corrupt and compromised officials to lead the CIA, FBI, DOJ, EPA, Labor and State departments in our nation's history. But Brennan may have been the worst of the bunch.

Something to think about.