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President Trump just announced his SCOTUS pick- Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

Here are 5 things to know about Brett Kavanaugh.

5 Things to Know About Trump's Supreme Court Pick, Brett Kavanaugh

And a little more SCOTUS conjecture.

How much of this is happenstance, how much wishful thinking, and how much is stage-managed by the White House to build anticipation?

Anti-gun, anti-violence protesters shut down a critical artery into Chicago on Saturday and did so with the gracious blessing of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the chief of police.

Originally, the protesters agreed to shut down only two of four lanes on the Dan Ryan Expressway, the most direct route from the interstate to Chicago's Loop. Instead, the mob decided that nothing less than a total blockage of the highway would do.

The protesters want the state government to enact more gun control measures for a city with perhaps the strictest gun laws in the nation.

Because, obviously, gun control reduces violence. Oh, wait...

Chicago Sun Times:

Bucking the wishes of his own police department and the Illinois State Police, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Friday he supports allowing protesters — led by the Rev. Michael Pfleger — onto the Dan Ryan Expressway on Saturday for what’s expected to be a significant anti-violence march.

Emanuel said he believes the march will raise awareness of anti-violence efforts.

“They should be allowed, yes, because they’re going to be talking about anti-violence,” Emanuel said. “And I think there’s a proper way to raise that awareness. I don’t think there ever should have been a doubt about that effort.

“Think about this: They’re going to raise awareness that’s important if we’re going to also make progress in making sure that our streets are safe.”

Emanuel’s comments came even as top cops from the Chicago and the Illinois State Police have asked Pfleger not to march onto the Dan Ryan and instead to keep the march to neighborhoods.

On Tuesday, Leo Schmitz, director of the Illinois State Police, who previously was commander of the Chicago Police Department’s Englewood District just north of St. Sabina, said that the idea of marching along the busy expressway poses too great a threat to public safety.

Governor Rauner tweeted his disgust at the "chaos" caused by the demonstration as Rhambo tweeted back that the gov should delete his account.

Lost in all this nonsense:: Is there any sane person who supports violence? If not, whom -- or what -- are the demonstrators protesting for or against?

Gang violence is out of control and nothing the state legislature can do will fix it. The police, thanks to some highly publicized incidents that resulted in the killing of unarmed civilians, have become virtually paralyzed. So the gangs run wild, the city government continues to coddle criminals, and the body count skyrockets.

Admittedly, it's better this year than last. But not by much. Part of the reason could be that the truly violent gang bangers are killing each other off and there are fewer psychopaths taking shots at each other in residential neighborhoods.

It's certainly not due to anything Mayor Emanuel and his government are doing to stem the flow of blood in the streets.