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Live Blog

Here is your live blog for the day.

This was sent to me on Twitter, but I had to correct it in the interest of accuracy.

Better, yes?

Here's an update to yesterday's post, in which an Obama-to-Trump voter named Mark Kern calmly explained to the Democrats what it would take to win his vote back.

And... the result was pretty much what you had probably guessed.

These are the New Rules the Left has made. And as Kurt Schlichter has said many times, they won't like living under them when their turn comes.

Racism, straight up.

This is RealClearPolitics doing what it does best -- aggregating dang near everything and letting you make the call.

As of today, my SOCTUS picks look like this:

My heart says Don Willett (who isn't even on the long version of the shortlist).

My brain says Amy Coney Barrett (who as Charlie noted yesterday, would make all the right heads explode).

But my gut says Amul Thapar. And today I'm going with my gut.

Tomorrow might be completely different, however.

Who is your money on?

Amen. I've been preaching the school board thing to conservatives for a very, very long time (ask the Republican women's group I spoke to in May what I dwelled on):