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It's a crowded field, and Biden -- Joe Freaking Biden -- owns what there is of the non-crazy portion.


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Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke está publicando anuncios de Facebook en México!

Dios mio!

El campaign de "Beto" es muy caliente!

The presidential campaign for Beto O'Rourke targeted social media advertisements at individuals in Mexico, according to Facebook transparency tools.

Facebook has for the past year allowed users to see, using the "info and ads" tab, where a group is targeting its sponsored posts. A screenshot of O'Rourke's page captured by the Washington Free Beacon last Friday revealed he was paying to have certain posts viewed by Facebook users in Mexico.

El hombre de skateboard invitó a los mexicanos a su parada de la campaña del martes en el Jacobs Center en San Diego, California. Ningún otro candidato presidencial está publicando anuncios en México.

Por qué, "Beto," por qué? Esas personas no pueden votar en la elección. El irlandés borracho ahora quiere que los mexicanos voten por él en América.

See the violence inherent in the leftism.

The lunatics have been running the British asylum for a long while now.

Today's "reality vs. narrative" snapshot from Democrat Land:

I'd missed this one yesterday afternoon, and I know it's just a little thing, but it may prove to be the single biggest Telling Moment of the pre-primary season.

Aw, hell.

From my good friend Tony Katz:


I'm seeing inklings here that the 2020 election will revolve more around cultural issues than economic ones -- and that even economic issues will be framed as cultural issues.

And although it's a typically Democrat framing (based on Karl Marx's twin evils of "false consciousness" and "class struggle"), I think this time it could very well work out better for Trump and the Republicans.

The Democrats' embrace of intersectionalism (I prefer to think of it as trans-tribalism) is opening up real fissures in their coalition. This is particularly true where radical trans "rights" rubs up against the concerns of gays and actual women. Women's sports is dead or at least on life support, and gays are rightly worried that trans issues are an attack on their very gayness.

These are wedge issues Donald Trump (and perhaps only Donald Trump, amongst Republicans) could successfully exploit.

There's a real battle brewing between what Kurt Schlichter calls the "radical normals" and the radical left, and I think many, many of our left-leaning gay and feminists friends are slowly learning they have more in common with the normals than with today's Democrats.