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Biden's primary campaign will depend on Democrat nostalgia for the Obama years. Is there enough of that left in the broader electorate to put him over the top in the general election? Probably not.

That isn't to say Candidate Biden -- assuming he makes it through the primary wringer -- wouldn't have at least one big strength.

Voter fatigue.

It's a real thing, and it's probably why former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker lost his bid for re-reelection against Democrat Tony Evers last year. Walker was running for the third time, with a special recall election in between. He was asking voters to pull the level for him for a fourth time, and while it might seem silly, it's a fact that voters get sick of the same people year after year.

While I'll be voting for Trump next year, and at this early date expect him to prevail, it's undeniable that he's an exhausting candidate and politician. One Trump primary and two Trump elections is going to feel like half a dozen Walker races, and judging by his announcement video (see below), Biden is counting on just that.

Watch it, and no matter what you think of Biden -- it would be difficult for me to think less of Creepy Joe than I already do -- you can see him working a 21st Century version of Warren G. Harding's 1920 appeal for a "return to normalcy" after Wilson's crapstorm of war abroad and oppression at home.

I'm not comparing Trump to Wilson, nor do I think Biden has anything like Harding's chances. But what worked once could work again, provided the electorate is exhausted enough.

Here's the video:


Is Joe a threat to Trump, or is he the Democrats' old news?

AOC keeps finding new ways to stick her foot in her mouth via Twitter:

The problem with being the It Person of no discernible accomplishments is that there's always an opening for a new It Person with some barely discernible accomplishments ready to displace you.

It's cool. He'll have a token female (can we say that?) person of color for his running mate.


It's bad enough that pro-abortion Roman Catholic elected officials aren't held accountable by their constituents. The real shame is when they aren't held accountable by clergy -- especially clergy powerful enough to do something about them. For example, New York's Cardinal Dolan has a strong social media presence and often posts about pro-life issues. He also posts selfies of himself with his buddy, the New York governor who recently signed a truly horrifying abortion bill into law. It's a terrible message for the faithful.

TIME editor at large pounces on Biden.



We're going to see a lot of these.

That didn't take long.

This is a travesty!

I met Antonia in Vegas a few years ago while we were both hanging out at Pro Gun Glub during the SHOT Show. She's a great lady, what a shame that YouTube has demonitized her.